Easter 2014

Happy Easter weekend! I attempted the impossible last week- I tried to get a 'staged' photo out of my 21 month old daughter! And I hate to admit that I failed. At the time, it made me spitting mad that Paisley wouldn't participate. She stole Hunter's paci and would NOT take it out of her mouth for the photos. She literally hasn't taken a paci since she was 3 months old and now that her brother is around, she likes to steal it from him. Now that I look at these pictures, they make me laugh and realize what a hand full she is. A sassy, strong willed little girl! (wonder where she gets that from!) She's a ton of work, has a ton of personality but she's also a ton of fun.

Luckily I have another baby who can't walk and hasn't developed a personality yet so he is more than happy to sit still, wear some bunny ears and throw me a smile!

I hope everyone has a Happy Easter!!!


Scavenger Hunt April 6

I'm proud of myself that I'm back again for a Scavenger Hunt. I've been using my dad's professional Nikon camera and I gotta say I'm loving it. I'm a Canon girl and I really needed to upgrade to a full camera about a year ago but it's not in the budget this year. So I've grabbed my dad's camera and we now have custody agreements for it. He'll be taking it to Japan in 2 weeks so I'll be back to my little crop sensor :-(

Here are my pics for this week

1. Macro- Bluebonnets are starting to come out here in Southeast TX and I'm loving them!

2. Wheels- Paisley jumped in the wheel barrow last weekend and helped her daddy with yard work.

3. Shiny- Can you believe this little shiny dress is mine from over 30 years ago? We thought Paisley's fat little belly wouldn't be able to fit in it but it did and she loved it! I think she thought it was a princess dress or something because she kept dancing and twirling around in it.

4. Weather- the weather has been great lately and we've really enjoyed getting outside.

5. Favorite sport- Paisley's favorite sport right now is basketball.

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Til next time,


Bluebonnet fail

The bluebonnets are starting to pop up around these parts. I was SO excited when I saw some this week near my parents house. I couldn't wait to get Paisley out in this one little field because the flowers were gorgeous.

I set up the rocking chair and waited for the sun to go down a bit but P wasn't interested in cooperating.

Hey P- wanna smile for the camera? Uh NO!

Hey P- can you keep your boots on? Uh NO!

I did capture her touching & exploring the flowers before her attention turned elsewhere.

And what would be more interesting than gorgeous bluebonnets??????

PIGS! Note to self: When you want a picture with bluebonnets make sure the field isn't anywhere close to pigs.

Yep. My daughter rather watch pigs than play with bluebonnets. I'll never know how I got a country girl instead of a girly girl. However, I guess she takes after her mama that use to count pigs for a living!!!

This was a bluebonnet fail. I'm not sure how long bluebonnet season lasts but I hope I'll get another try soon!


Scavenger Hunt 3/30

I'm participating in the Scavenger Hunt again. Here are my pics for the week.

1. What is that? Hunter has just  discovered his mobile. He loves it. He's such a chill baby and is so easily entertained.

2. Yum- Paisley is pretty much the pickiest eater I know. She literally survives on chicken tenders, sausage, pancakes and gold fish. I made sphaghetti the other day and she actually ate it. I about rolled over but before I fell to the ground, I grabbed the camera. It only took her 20 months to actually eat something I cooked. Small victories folks!

3. On the road- I originally wanted a picture of Paisley in her Cozy Coupe car on the street but before I knew it, she jumped out of the car. And what was so worthy of her attention? MUD on the side of the road! I just knew I was going to have a princess who loved bows & tutus and was a girly girl. Instead I've got myself a tom boy!!!!

4. On the shelf- I went into our pantry the other day and I was blown away by my husband's 'hot sauce' collection. If you know my husband, then you know he loves spicy food, Mexican and Taco Bell. I couldn't believe all the hot sauce he had on our pantry shelf. I mean who really needs 4 jars of japaleno's, 4 Cholulu's Hot Sauce, 2 TX Pete's, 2 Hot salsa's, 5 Taco Bell Sauce & 3 El Yucateco's. The man is the king of back ups because God forbid we EVER run out of hot sauce!

5. Bad Habit- I hate to admit it but we watch a lot of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. When Paisley was first born I swore that she wouldn't watch TV until she was 2. Then we moved to the sticks and an hour drive just to Target with her screaming in the background was all it took for me to buy a DVD player for the car. Now that Hunter is here, it keeps her entertained while I nurse him. I file this bad habit in the "never say never when you have kids" category.

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Dear Hunter

Dear Hunter,

Hi lovebug! It's hard to believe that you will be 9 weeks old on Friday. You are such a good baby! I can't get over how easy you are. I sit in awe of you when I nurse you at night and thank Jesus for giving me such an easy baby. God definitely knew what I needed and it was a good & easy newborn because your sister is a little hard to handle these days.

Speaking of your sister, I'm sorry she hits you so much. I promise to do a better job of watching you around her. She's sneaky though and I've heard you scream several times when she's around. I'm sorry for the red marks she leaves on your head. Mommy promises to let you get her back once your big & able. :-)

You are such a great sleeper. It seems like all you do is sleep. You are sleeping through the night and only waking up once to nurse. You take several naps during the day and prefer to have your naps at home instead of out running errands. But you are still such a good baby when we go out & barely make a peep.

You are also a great eater. You love milk anyway it comes- boob or bottle. Just last week you went from wearing 3 month clothing to 6 month clothing. You are a BIG boy! I can't keep up with your clothes. Hopefully you'll slow down a bit soon. I guess I need to quit eating those Hostess cupcakes I've been craving since I got pregnant with you.

You are a happy baby. You love it when we talk to you. I love to see you smile.

I just wanted to say thank you for being such a good boy. Mommy loves you. I take such delight in you. I love the rare moments we get through the day when its just me and you. I love how you love to cuddle. I love how you look at me and smile. You are a true joy and delight.

I love you BIG BIG like the world,


Hunter- 2 months old

My little love bug is 2 months old today!

He is such a good baby! I can't get over how good this kid is. He is sleeping really well. Several naps during the day and only wakes up once during the night. I nurse him & put him right back down. He's also a great eater. He seriously gained a ton of weight this week. Last Monday he was wearing 3 month clothing and by Friday he was in 6 month clothing! I guess I need to lay off the Hostess cupcakes I've been eating cause they're going straight to his belly! haha

My only concern with him lately is his right eye. He's had junky eyes since he's been born but the left one has cleared up. The right one is now worse. We took him to an outdoor birthday party yesterday and his eye has been puffy & red all day long. I wonder if its allergies because the pollen is bad here. I can tell it bothers him but he doesn't fuss. We go to the dr next week so I hope they can give us something to clear it up.

Some other pics of him lately

I'm hoping he won't be in 9 month clothing on his 3 month blog but I guess we'll see. Stay tuned..................haha


Chris & Desi's Baby Announcement

My cousin Desi & her husband Chris are expecting! They came to the house on Monday to take a few photos so they could announce the exciting news to the world (a.k.a. Facebook). Desi asked if they could bring their dog Cru and include him in the pictures. If you know me, then you know I'm not a "dog" person. I had no clue how to capture a dog for a baby announcement so I did what any person would do- consulted Pinterest. We stole a bunch of good ideas and I think these pictures came out great.

Cru was really well behaved & did just about anything we asked him to do if there was a treat involved. He's such a cute little dog.

This picture cracks me up! I just had to put a caption to it.

After the pictures were over, they came inside and Desi held Hunter for a little while. She looked like a natural. I think she & Chris will make great parents. And I know that her mama (my Aunt Cil) will make the BEST grandmother. This baby is gonna spoiled rotten with love. Can't wait to meet him or her in September!

Congrats guys!



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