Memories, Dreams & Reflections 2014

Every year my friend Ashley Sisk host Memories, Dreams & Reflections. I think this is my 4th year to participate. Its great because it gives me an excuse to go through all my pictures from the past year and really see what happened in a matter of 365 days. And wow was 2014 a busy year! A new house. A new baby. A new business. Thats how to do things around here- slam as many things into one year as possible. (I apologize to all my FB friends who have been seen these pictures this year but oh well- here's another look)

1. Me- The last 2.5 years have been kind of a blur really. Had a baby, quit my job, moved to TX, built a house, had another baby. And somewhere in it all I think I lost ME. My life has been so kid focused that it became easy to neglect myself and all the things that I love to do. Sometimes I feel like the only thing I have in common with my life before kids is photography. My camera is always there for me and it always brings me back to a little piece of myself. I can honestly say that picking up my camera and joining a women's bible study have brought ME back to life over the past few months. I feel like I'm slowly becoming ME again!

2. I Love You- My Paisley and my Hunter. I love these two babes!

3. Still Laughing- My husband is the king of jingles and one liners. I took this picture of Hunter this summer and he just had to add the caption. I thought it was funny. (then again- we don't get out much!)

4. Winter Wonderland- Christmas trees are about the only 'winter wonderland' thing you'll see in Southeast TX.

5. Birthday- My crazy Paisley celebrated her 2nd birthday in July. We celebrated by throwing a bunch of balloons in her crib that morning and she loved it.

6. Friends- Paisley & Hunter really are the best of friends. Are they rough with each other? Yes! Does Paisley push Hunter & crawl all over him? Yes. But he still loves her and she loves him. I pray that stay close friends forever.

7. I was Inspired- I saw a thing on Pinterest where they drew a Christmas tree on a chalkboard wall back in the Fall and I just knew I had to recreate it.

8. Spring Fever- The bluebonnets came out this spring and I was dying to get a gorgeous picture of Paisley in them but she was more interested in the pigs across the street so I didn't get her in the shot but I got these.

9. Travel or Vacation- We just got back from Christmas in Atlanta and my kids endured 16 hours in the car on the way there and 14 hours in the car on the way back. We snapped these with our iPhone during a potty break in MS. Its a toss up really on whether flying or driving was better. All I can say is I'm glad its over and we don't have plans to go anywhere any time soon.

10. Summer Days- It is HOT in TX so our summer days were spent in the pool this year.

11. A Day in My Life- My days consists of trying to keep up with these two all day long.

12. All Smiles- I love this picture of Paisley

13. Autumn Harvest- This fall Paisley started Mother's Day Out at a local Methodist Church. I had been looking forward to that first day for an entire year! Having her home with me with a brand new baby was tough at the beginning of 2014. She would get so bored at home and just needed some interaction with other kids. Its hard to imagine life before Mother's day out right now but it has been so good for the both of us.

14. Family- Here's my little family. I know I'm bias but aren't they so darn cute?!

15. Celebrate- Paisley was potty trained the month after she turned 2. Going on the potty around here is definitely a celebration.  Especially if its #2!

16. Let's Do It Again- Paisley loves to ride anything- tractors, 4 wheelers, trucks, riding lawn mowers. Doesn't matter what it is as long as she can ride it over and over again. I know this isn't the greatest picture but it makes me laugh. These two are something else!

17. I Miss You- My dad works over seas so he is gone every other month. Both of my children ADORE their Momma T & Pops but when he's home there is always a fight on who Pops will hold. Hunter happened to win this one.

18. Beautiful- I did a month long challenge in June where I took a picture I loved it but soon realized that I could never commit to a 365 project. I absolutely love this picture of Paisley & Pops. There is something about the fog that morning that made feeding cows just beautiful.

19. Dress Up- I bought these matching Mud Pie outfits before Hunter was born. They both looked so cute in them. Maybe I should dress them alike more than I do?

20. Macro- Water on a flower outside my house on a rainy day

21. Holidays- We had ourselves a little Ree Drummond inspired Thanksgiving this year. My mom even went outside her comfort zone and brined a turkey. She could never pronounce that word correctly and somehow our turkey's name became 'Bryan'. He was sure good!

22. My Favorite- I went to the Nutcracker recently to take pictures and this was my absolutely favorite picture out of the 2,000 that I took.

23. Don't Ever Change- Hunter will be a year old this month and it makes me so sad. If I could keep him little forever I would. He has been the BEST baby and biggest blessing to us in 2014. He is always so happy and just a joy to be around. I hope his happy, easy going demeanor never changes.

24. Just Because... So there! Another picture of my sweet boy at Christmas

25. Hopes & Dreams- Candice Craig Photography was born in November of 2014. I had NO intention of starting a photography business. I've always loved taking pictures of my own kids but didn't ever think it would turn into anything. My parents surprised me with a full frame camera this fall and the very next week people started asking me to take pictures of them. It literally just kind of fell into my lap. I do not claim to be a professional photographer. The more I learn about photography, the more I realize I do not know. I'm just a mom who loves to capture my kids in all stages of their small lives. I love pictures. I always have. I love the emotion they evoke. The stories they tell. If I can capture someone else's memories then I think thats a great privilege. I don't know where this business will go in 2015 but I do have hopes & dreams of being able to do this while I'm at home with my kids. For me, its a perfect job!

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Hunter 8 months

I've been a little absent over here on the blog & totally forgot to put up Hunter's 7 month pics. Its been a pretty stressful 5 weeks as we waited to hear about the Cisco layoff this Tuesday that could have impacted our family. Praise the Lord, Todd still has a job and I don't have to pack my house or my kids up (well not right now but thats another story for another day).

Here are our monthly pics

The H man is on the move! He does the army crawl now and can get clear across the entire house if I let him. He's trying SO hard to pull up now too. We've had to lower his crib once and I think it may be time to lower it again. He's literally getting into everything! Gone are the days when I could turn my back and leave him for a minute. He's really good about playing on his own too. Loves getting into all the toys in the playroom.

He's a ton of work at this age but he's so fun. He's starting to say dada and still loves to be tickled. He's such a happy baby and I couldn't love him anymore. Well, maybe if he actually started sleeping through the night again but I can sleep in heaven right???


Hunter 6 months

My sweet boy turned 6 months this last week. And to celebrate, he was sick! Poor thing got viral pharyngitis from his sissy. Then he got a sinus infection on top of that. It's been a long 10 days of crying, coughing, congestion and NO sleep. It's been rough on all of us.

Here are our monthly photos. He's obsessed with sticking his tongue out right now.

I finally got him out of the rock n play and into his crib (which he really didn't like) until he got sick. Now he's back in the rock n play to keep him elevated. So we'll have to do the crib training all over again soon :-(

I shared this one of FB the other day. She hugged him a little too hard and the next second he pulled her hair. I died laughing after I got over the fact that I wasn't going to get the perfect shot of them together because she was done after that.

His hair is starting to grow a little so I've been trying a mohawk on him. haha

I just can't get over how cute and how happy this kid is. I'm glad the week is over and my happy baby is back!


Hunter- 5 months

Hunter was 5 months old on Tuesday and boy has he changed in just the last 2 weeks. First of all, he's a whooping 17.6 pounds! He is now officially rolling over from his back to front which means if you leave him in a room, he will be clear across it when you return. My friend Jessica told me it starts really getting hard having two when the youngest starts moving and I fear she may be right. Paisley didn't crawl until she was 11 months old but I think Hunter will start early.

Here's our monthly pics

And a few extra that you'll see on my June challenge soon

I guess his sissy already got to him & told him that it isn't fun when mommy gets her camera out!!!!


June Clickaday Challenge- Weeks 2 & 3

Ok- So I'm a little behind on showing you the pictures from the challenge where I take and edit a picture EVERY.SINGLE.DAY for the month of June. I've been good about posting them to Facebook & Instragram every day but I keep forgetting to share it here too. So I'll catch you up on the last two weeks.

June 9: SICK. We thought poor Hunter was sick only to find out that he has allergies. Kinda sucks and I'm really praying this isn't a long term problem for my little man.

June 10: Faucet. We probably have 100 toys for Paisley to play with in our backyard and this is what she wants to do. Crazy girl!

June 11: Jumparoo. Hunter absolutely LOVES his jumparoo. That boys likes to bounce. And allergies have cleared up and he's back to his happy self again.

June 12: Sunset kisses. Paisley LOVES her Pops. (Isn't that sunset amazing? Thats my backyard at 7:45pm.)

June 13: All clean. I mean can this kid get any cuter?

June 14: Morning feed. Paisley loves to go feed the cows with Pops each morning. I went out this morning and wondered if the fog would be a problem for me. But as you can see, it added a bit of magic to this picture.

June 15: Happy Father's Day! It only took me a 100 tries and then finally had to pay to swap heads to get this shot of the 3 of them!

June 16: My girl will be 2 years old a month from today. Hard to believe!

June 17: We were at my mom's house all week long to help with VBS. This is what I did for 5 hours one night. Edited over 100 pics for each kid and added text to the top. Talk about a lot of work!

June 18: Olivia. We went to Houston on Saturday for my niece Olivia's first birthday party. Momma T made her a teepee so I had to take some shots.

June 19: Sick. After a week at VBS, P is sick with the FLU! (Who gets the flu in June besides my children???!!!)

June 20: You already saw the transformation of this 40 year old dresser on the blog.

June 21: P and cows. I cheated and used a picture from last week of Paisley feeding the cows in her PJ's.

June 22: Swaddle. At 5 months old, Hunter still loves to be swaddled and sleep in his rock n play. He turned over yesterday (from his back to his front) so his swaddling days are over.

Thats it. Stay tuned to see what I can come up with for the last week of June.


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